My horses think they are guards

I have my horses in a sort of corral, which has an opening in the fence due to not really having a gate component. If I am hunting near that spot and engage something both the horses run out to defend me. They don’t seem to actually do much defending, but at least they run out, which is nice of them.

But honestly I feel like horses should not act as guards. It’s a little silly. Is there some setting that will get them to just stay in the pen and be horses until I need them?

No there’s not. Build a fence piece where your opening is, then just hop over it until they give us some thrall settings/commands.


I’m guessing you’re not using the stable pieces? Try a crenellated wall, you can walk through it but the horses will stay put.


I do have a stable built into one end of the corral but I am not keeping the horses in it. The wall is a good idea. I’ll give that a shot. I don’t mind keeping them in the stable either I just liked the way they look in the corral. Speaking more generally I can imagine situations where I don’t want my horse running in and entering combat, so I still have an objection to the “guarding” behavior for mounts.

Me too. Every time when I engage in battle on foot with my horse following I end up getting stuck under it. It’s a bit annoying you know :rofl:

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