No white n black horse craftable

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Region: EU Germany

Recipes to craft black n white horses in your inventory are missing.
When i search in the feats list it says they are handcrafted, but they dont show up in crafting inventory.
And no, i dont have anything unchecked.

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1.Open inventory for horse, white, black, … horses there, but rhinos are
4. :frowning:

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Have you made the proper fodder it’s different from the other animals.

Not questioning your knowledge of the game.

Have you made a stable yet. I think that’s what sets it up in fire bowl cauldron and your inventory have not done it recently. Good luck. @Sera67 I am sure you have the answer . Thanks

I assume there a mod conflict.

Far as I’m aware, once you can craft stables, the dlc part should unlock. (requires no feats, despite letting you try to click it)

On Consoles we make Fodder via Fire Bowl Cauldron, not sure if recipes have been moved.

And then Craft said horse with fodder from character menu.

Again, PC is ahead a few patches. =/

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Nvm, its unlocked with the horse stable now… Im blind :s

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