Noise during purge


I have a very loud unstopping noise during all purges. I can only disable that noise by setting off whole game sound (setting off music or ingame sounds does nothing).

This roar begins when purge begins and stops when it ends. All other sounds and music isn’t working during the purge.

Hmmm, would you by chance have a way to record your game play and send it to us so we can hear this? Would give us a better idea of what sound it is. Sorry for the trouble and thank you for the report!

Hello, I also got that sound in my single player gameplay, during the purge it’s like as if the horn sound at the beginning of each purge restard every second during the event.
it stopped when I changed the "update time " of the purge bar to 0 second to like 2 minutes.
hope it helps

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Thanks for your help! I realy just set “purge meter update interval” bar from position 0 to position 2 and my problem is gone! It seems setting this bar to 0 makes alarm sound “update” every 0 seconds :slight_smile:

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