Nomadic - [PC] PvP Server [3x, No Mounts, Clan size 6]

Nomadic PvP
Nomadic is a PvP server on the Isle of Siptah map being run by active admins. We are just starting out our journey, hoping to grow with a strong returning community.
We believe that Siptah has more to offer than what the base game provides, this is why we have decided to run our own Private Server with mods to help make it a better experience for veteran players as well as newcomers.

Server Times/Details
•Isle of Siptah
•Direct Connect
•Raid Time: 6pm- 10pm CST [ 7 days a week ]
•Server Reset Times: 4am & 4pm CST

•Starter Kits
•3x All & Thrall Conversation 50% Faster
•No Mounts (Teleports have been added)
•Clan size of 6 & a 20 Followers max
•In-game currency (Merchants to buy from)

•Pippi - User & Server Management System
•Better Surges
•Barbarian Barber
•Immersive Armor

Rated this server 4 out of 10. You might find it enjoyable, however, I did not.