Non hostile pvp siptah server; come join

Hello everyone

I know finding a server is difficult for pvp, no one likes a toxic trolling server.

We have a server that is friendly pvp, no offline raiding, and just want everyone to have a good time exploring and progressing.

Building a base takes time and nothing is worse than seeing your stuff taken or looted, hence why most play pve.

Our server is set to PVP in case some do wish to brawl, and also as a means of defending yourself if someone does get toxic.

If you see us and “teabag” the ground, we respect the universal sign of peace.
If our thralls do kill you by chance, your loot and items will be on your body, we have no need for your stuff. You’ll have to take up your beef with that thrall lol

We ask that you be respectful and have fun. Feel free to message me on Xbox if you have any questions or suggestions, or wish to parley.

The server name is a bit silly: Flapjacktiddys
If I spelt that wrong just search Flapjack and it’ll come up.

Server settings are PVP, no offline raiding, 5x resources, malestorm on, purge on, nudity on(so set yours to the desired setting if need be). The rest is at default.

To be clear, the admin and our clan has worked for everything we have and built and have not nor will abuse admin control usage.

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