Non stop purge on pve

We have non stop purge. One hits right after another. There is no game play. The meter doesn’t go down. Gportal recommended to turn purge off and said it was a inner game bug.
Is there anything to fix this.
I would like to have purge back on if it will work properly

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U probably play on a private server. The number of actions needed to get u a purge is probably too low. Adjust this number to bring purge close to ur gameplay preferences ( lets say u will need purges after x actions that will be close to ur weekend based on ur gameplay).

Private server owners can help u with this setting


If you can send a screen shot of your purge settings I may be able to help been running a couple private ps4 servers for a while. Some of the settings are counterintuitive. I will keep checking in. @Ragnaguard @Wiseowl and welcome to the Forum fellow Exile

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