Not able to harvest croc

This is probably another stupid question from a noob, but here goes. I have killed a crocodile and switched to pick to harvest it, but when I left click on it nothing happens? Also, what do I press to get the cursor? On reflection, it seems to me that my char might be in the wrong stance, however, I do not know how to changew that,

Pick isn’t the best to use to harvest corpses. Use an axe the first few levels, and once you get to Iron, you’ll want to use either a Cleaver or Skinning Knife, depending on whether you’re after meat or hides.

The thing is it’s not which tool I try to use, I can’t use any of them to harvest. When I press the left mouse button, nothing happens, same when anaimals approach me, I can only use left mouse button once they have attacked me.

Sometimes you have to crouch, right about where the bottom of the rib cage is, (at least I do), to harvest. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advice, but I’m afraid that doesn’t work either,:wink:

Rucker, have you found a resolution to your issue, because I am having the same issues now.