Issues harvesting resources

Game mode: Single Player
Region: United States

I have noticed that when I am playing now I can’t aim down to harvest anything that is short or near the ground. For instance, if I use the Mitraen Ankh to harvest lingering essence I have to swing then duck right away or I just swing above the dead body. I have also noticed this issue with smaller rock outcrops and the stone pick or pick axe. If I don’t swing then duck I just swing above them and don’t hit anything. Its not game breaking but it is annoying especially when I don’t want to collect what is in the NPCs inventory because I have to aim the camera away before swinging. I have tried killing myself and exiting and restarting the game but I just always aim straight ahead. I have only played on single player so I don’t know if the issue will recur on multiplayer. Found some similar posts from a while ago for PC but nothing reported for xbox. Not sure if it is just something everyone else accepts or if there is a fix I don’t know about. I didn’t always have this issue and it seems like it just started recently.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Equip pick axe or Mitraen Ankh
  2. Kill NPC or find small stone outcrop
  3. Try to hit it with both heavy and light attacks
  4. Hits never connect and you just swing in the air

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