US1 - PvP - Harvesting Issue

I noticed that when I attempted to harvest wood with an iron hatchet that I was striking the tree but I was not accumulating any wood/branches.

I changed to iron pick and harvested ironstone from a ironstone node and then went back to the iron hatchet and struck the same tree and was able to harvest wood/branches.

This happened a couple of times during my last gaming session.

This took place near/in Sepermeru.

EDIT: I had a similar situation using the Mitraen Ankh. I tested the following. I tried to use the ankh but could not harvest. I then switched to holding another tool (iron pick) and then switched back to ankh and I could harvest. This is different than my first test as I did not actually try to harvest anything with the iron pick. I just switched from the ankh to the pick and then back to the ankh and it started working as it should.

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Hey @Valkyrja

Thanks for the feedback. Has this happened consistently before or just during yesterday?


At this point, it was only happening yesterday. I will be alert to see if this continues to happen and where.

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Thank you, please let us know if it keeps happening as if it doesn’t it could be some server malfunction.

sounds like a quick restart of the server is needed. I do that to my server when it acts up that way.

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