Tool Upgrade Kits

I was tinkering around in the game tonight and put a tool upgrade kit on an iron pick. Now, instead of 5 hits per node, it breaks the node at one hit and I’m getting significantly less harvest per vein.

Is this a known bug or someone’s abysmal idea?

Skip it. It’s another bug. Not happening now.

Edit: Now it’s doing it again among other things…lol. Might be time to put the game up till next patch…again.

Hey Homes I know you’re seeing a lot of weird stuff with your rig and such. Vets like me know when that sort of thing happens you just gotta hang it up and exit the server. Last night (there was another player as witness) I could kill and harvest, sickle and harvest and gather by hand. But no rock would yield to my mighty swing. So I logged out and back in. Fixed.

I suspect it might’ve been fixed by leaving the area or pulling my bracelet, but it is always faster for my main rig to relog. Once I did, it all worked normally.

Right on. That’s one of the first things I did…been doing that since early release. Usually a restart will do the trick and it takes a matter of seconds to log back on. Not with this.

Also, I love building on water. Now the NPC’s, crocs and humans mostly, can swim under my build and pop up through my floors. I use pillars like stilt houses. I’m also seeing animals floating in midair again just like in early release among a few other things. Haven’t seen that crap in a long time. Smh.

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Good feedback. That helps. :smiley:

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