(PC) (patch 27.04.2018) Fiber, stone and wood farming bugu

after 27th April patch you only get 4,5 or 6 stone/wood and 2 fiber and after just 1 hit the resource disappears. Have not tried it yet on other resources or creatures but I guess the risk might exist that this is a general problem.
Can you imagine having to farm resources while getting only 1 batch of the resource per node/tree/ shrubbery ?
Btw I’m on official server #101 pve normal.

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I am having the same issue. The nodes go bye bye but they still take up space and I seem to float if I am on top of the node when I strike it. Have not been able to tell if they come back normal after they respawn. Will check back with more info as I know more.

So they do respawn but are bugged as well.

Official PvE #1 Normal here, having the exact same problem since the patch yesterday.

Tested today, still happens.

All my tools were crafted pre-patch, so I though I’d test with newly crafted tools. No difference.
Intentionally killing myself and trying out both the old and the new tools afterwards yielded no different result either.

I’m a bit apprehensive to Recreating my character since I’ve come rather far, but I’m thinking that may be worth a shot. I’m thinking about how Gaseous Orbs you looted/created pre-patch didn’t function properly but newly looted ones did, for example. Thinking it may be the same thing with gathering with player characters, but it’s just a theory.

This doesn’t seem to affect everyone, at least not on my server. I’ve only heard myself mentioning it in chat.

Yup im getting it as well.

6 hours old private server.

Recreating my character seemed to fix it.

Nope I was wrong. Its just the resources in the start area that work OK.

Investigated a bit more. For me, everything north of Deathwhisper Ruins seems to be working fine… very strange.

Yup. All fine south of the river was well.

What about just north of the river to the West? I’m on the east side right now, close to the jungle biome border.

I’m also on the north shore of the main river on the most eastern side of the map. I’m trying to farm along the shore and let’s say at 100-300 meter from the shore, with this problem. However I haven’t tried to farm any further away

If you’re close to the jungle biome it might happen. It was in the patch notes