NOT able to join EU servers!

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: EU

This is second time i have made a thread about this after 2 weeks of waiting im still not able to join EU servers,im trying to connect to EU servers from Kurdistan with Fastline isp you guys already asked for this info which i gave in another thread.using a ps4 slim idk if that makes a difference
im sure my base is FULLy wiped after 2 weeks of not being on but i just wanna join EU servers(3082 is the one i play on).
link to first thread:

i dont mind the lag i just wanna be able to play :frowning:
I can join servers from other regions fine but none from EU work and i been waiting for 2 weeks now.
I have tried :
-restarting my PS4
-restarting my router
-using different DNS/MTU settings
-using different accounts
-joining through a friends invitation(i get "failed to join requested game"through this way)
-joining a friends session through a party (i get "failed to join requested game"through this way)
-tried starting a co-op world then going online
-tried to Restore Licenses
-even downloaded the game again
all of these with no luck with fixing the issue that im facing.
sorry for the bad English and if i sound like an ass im just frustrated i really enjoy this game

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Try to join any EU server
2.get smacked with “pending connection failure” error and be sent back to main menu.
here even a video for second time

Have is full to have this problem you are not the only one

Im sort of glad that im not the only one still facing the issue but it still really sucks

@Ignasi any update on this ? please?

Hello @Eagle, we appreciate all the data that you’ve shared and we’ve looked into the EU servers for the PS, but there seems to be no apparent issue with them. Nevertheless, we’re still on the lookout for any possible issues that might be related to the game that could be interfering with client connectivity.

Have you tried to contact GPortal as suggested in the thread you’ve shared?

Hi @Hugo,no i havent contacted Gportal as i thought you guys handle all the game issues n bugs,and tbh idk how to contact them really.
What do i do if they cant fix this issue for me ?

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Our team is still investigating this matter as we cannot see any apparent issue with the servers or the client, should it be somehow related to your ISP they may be able to assist.

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I will contact my ISP when i get a chance since there is nothing else to try,and i contacted g portal well lets say it was rather dissapointing and waste of time contacting g portal

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Thank you for reporting back @Eagle, that’s rather unfortunate, please let us know if your ISP provides any further information.

thats not a very helpful response from Gportal. Well Germany is not exactly know for good customer service. And i say this as a german. He at least could have be more detailed. Like :
The servers run within normal parameters and there are no restrictions for certain countries from our side. Please contact your ISP for clearification. Well something like this:grinning:

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