Not missing star metal much - maybe just take it out of the game

Can’t say I am missing it much even if I cannot fix my silent legion armor. To be honest it could probably be taken out of the game now since its not been viable to rely on it for the last 2 weeks or more.

It never really found its niche in EA or Live from what I am seeing.

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Oh gawd, complain that star metal is worthless they’ll go and nerf everything that isn’t :joy:

Me on the other hand, just love the star metal hunting mechanic.
I think it would be evn better to have more mechanics like this in this game, which depends on a specific event to occur in a specific area of the map.


We don’t have it anyway so better to get rid of it than write crappy code that nerfs everything else since I have no faith in how they implement anyway.

Safer to loose star metal than to risk everything else.:rofl:

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Watch, they’ll make star metal picks required to mine black ice :joy:

Looks are irrelevant and PVP in its current state with bugs, exploits and hacks sucks, so I don’t miss that either. PVE is better off without patches hurting which are done to address PVP issues anyway. The majority play PVE so I have read.

I realize funcom wanted to do a PVP game initially but maybe its time they recognize the game should be split into two branches since PVP is not that good and PVE is a thing. They did not do so great at rolling out PVP.

Oh no you di’n’t…

I like the flag suggestion.

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This is why PVP should be the only focus. PVE doesn’t need to be balanced, its just harvesting. Some things need a HP bar reduced to 0 before harvesting them, but make no mistake, even large things like Dragons are just mobile resource nodes to be gathered for PVP.

You all are assuming the CE PVE portion of the game is some elaborate thing. Its not. There was more features and stuff to do in most NES games 30 years ago then there is in CE PVE.

They shouldn’t focus on it. There’s thousands of PVE focused games out there. Many will do it way better than CE ever could, even if the devs did everything right. They should instead focus on PVP and let the PVE stuff be the resources and such that players contest over.

PVE players will still have quite a bit to do. Building, clicking things to death, and with some mods, they can even screw each other if they want to. Its up to them.

I haven’t had any star metal yet but I love the idea of finally finding it. I do wish there were more event based items or enemies in this game.

I mostly play PVP but that’s because it is fun to feel fear in this games world and unfortunately due to leveling happening super fast, most enemies do not pose any kind of threat once your higher then level 50.
There are some that do like bosses etc, but on a whole not that many in the environment.

If PVE - C was a little more aggressive (as in being able to steal off each other, kill player owned thralls, but limit times for PVP etc) then more PVP players might move to it for a more relaxed but still harsh experience.
As it is right now in PVE there is really no reason to have an army of thralls or build defenses on your castles as the Purge isn’t much of a threat and thralls do ■■■■■■ all to a horde of monsters anyway.
Also why build bombs in PVE? They do little against boss monsters unless you spam heaps of them.
Also why summon Gods? No point at all in PVE.
That’s a good chunk of game elements that are pointless in my opinion. A game mode that mixed both PVP and PVE properly would be a better suggestion.

I can’t say I have seen my Thralls ever do anything other then die in minutes. I equip them in the elephant armour mostly.
I did get a Cimmerian Berserker after 3 deaths I finally knocked him out. But after one purge he was dead (one of the first to die from just Scorpions!)

I still don’t feel fighter or archer Thralls are useful enough to waste time on as they are not too strong. Especially in PVP mode as I have never had any issues from other peoples thralls other than the lag that comes from too many of them.
My thralls die every raid even when only one player raids me. I only collect level 3 or named Thralls and spend ages finding them and feeding them in the wheels of pain to just watch them die.

Can you destroy old buildings with bombs and a trebuchet? I tried it on an abandoned building but did nothing.
As far as I tested no building are destructible in PVE but i could be mistaken.

I do see a use in the Boiling Oil. Haven’t used it yet, but can’t wait to when the purge is fixed.

Well for solo players without communities it is quite difficult to gather resources to always create bombs to make traps as you would need a lot of them especially as they are single use only.
When I did make them one enemy would set it off and all other enemies would just walk around the explosion so seemed like a waste.

That effort could be used in other ways in PVE. Well this is my experience anyway and I understand there are people who play differently so will use those objects more.
Maybe I should look into the traps a bit more as I can see their potential even if they didn’t seem worth the resources early on.

How can PvP in this game not be balanced?

There are no classes, hence anyone can be anything. There is nothing to balance around and that is perfect. If some armor sets are crap, dont’t use them. If a specific weapon type does a greater damage, use it. If bows do crap damage, throw them in the furnace and smelt some steel or cook food. If some attributes suck, don’t invest points in them.

Since gear is easy to come by and attribute builds easy to correct and adapt there’s no issue of balancing PvP.

You get beaten? Go practice more


Oh ok. I thought you meant abandoned buildings created by other players in PVE - C or something.
I never tested a trebuchet on my own building as it was easier to dismantle by hand so i get the resources back then mess around with the trebutchet. Plus I never built anything big enough to make a difference in my PVE playthrough test.

Shadoza, I see your point and I agree.

My 2 cents were conserning PvP only

How did Star Metal discussion boiled down to “Waah, I do not like PvP, remove it?” Why everyone is so entitled holy moly.

We have derailed a lot.
But I am enjoying reading and replying on this thread as most discussions in other threads on this site based around the things we have discussed so far are normally too aggressively toxic and convoluted to make decent conversations.

I’m hoping it’ll be fixed soon. Just started playing this game a couple of weeks ago and we’ve now reached the gear limit of the previous tiers so we’re on hold until we can get star metal :slight_smile:

Running PVE though, we’re also hoping for more dungeons and bosses. The witch queen has been the best one so far. But need more encounters that aren’t tank n spank.
The snake guy was a huge disappointment in that regard, trash before him was ten times harder than the boss himself…

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The ironic thing is the issues you describe are worst case scenario. We’re not even close to that. So to reiterate the point you were making… PVP isn’t that out of balance in this game.

The only weapon type that I have personally seen issues with is 1-H Maces, Daggers, and Ranged. That’s it. Axes, Swords, Spears, ect are all decent weapons in PVP. They all have their uses and strengths.

The issue Daggers have is bleed and poison from players is effected by armor. The moment they fix that bug, they’ll be on par with the other weapons. Maces just need a slight extension in range (2H Maces seem fine from a few I’ve seen that use them well).

Archery is the only thing that’s really broken. And I’ve been able to successfully balance them myself with a Mod. Yours truly was capable of balancing Archery to melee.

And then for armor, all the sets are well balanced. The only attribute in the base game that isn’t is Accuracy. But implement my Mod into the base game (and if the devs want my values, I’ll happily provide them) and they like bows will suddenly work very well.

So here’s how to fully balance PVP:

Fix Gods (they’re broken right now).
Implement my Archery Fix.
Extend range of 1-Handed Maces a tad bit.
Fix player induced dots to ignore armor.

If they do those 4 things. PVP is fully balanced. Like literally its fixed and solid. So to say it can never be balanced is false. I’ve personally done 25% of the work myself.

I play primarily PVP (except with my kids, they like PVE), I love starmetal and thinks its a great part of the game, I need it for my fridges, I like the skinning knife and sickle mostly because they look cool and glow at night. I enjoy chasing the meteors and getting the nodes. Even in PVP gameplay is still important.

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All those things you listed don’t need nerfs. They’re fine as they are if my suggestions are heeded.

Sometimes people complain about things that don’t need to be changed. Those are good examples of that. Though any bugs that are present, ought to be fixed. Bugs =/= Balance. Bugs should NEVER be considered when balancing things. You simply fix the bugs and then things fall in line.

But as I said, 4 major issues PVP has, and I’ve personally been able to fix one of them. I’m not even a developer, I’m not even an expert modder. So Funcom can probably fix the other issues. Specifically the Avatar issue.

Modders MAYBE able to fix 1H Mace range and Player-Dot versus Armor. Maybe. I haven’t delved enough into damage calculations to figure that one out.