Not sure if it's a bug,playing everyday

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I log in and certain parts of my building fall apart for no reason and I play every day. I managed to fix one of the issues but a repair hammer didn’t do too much good as I tried adding support and move stuff to different spots and no change. And I play every day

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Hello @Brenda, thank you for reaching out!

Could you please share a screenshot of the structures that fall apart, so we can see their exact placement?

Are you playing Online or in Singleplayer?
How much stability do they have?

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Single player and I fixed one issue.

this fence reads 100 this fence also reads 100 the right sloping wall was at 60. I’m logging in and those pieces will be gone

I logged in and the pieces fell apart but they were replaced. I’ll play for a while then log out and when I log in the pieces will fall apart

Just a quick update I was able to fix the issue with the right sloping wall and the fence in the 3rd pic