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Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
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Region: [Here]…Hello. I’m reporting a bug. I’m not sure if it is a bug or if it’s doing it on it’s own but every time I log in certain parts of my building fall apart and it’s only 4 pieces but it’s the same 4 pieces every time. There’s nothing wrong with my foundations either but it’s been happening for a few days

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I guess you dont know what decay timers are or?

I do but I play every day and I just recently built this building too

It depends on the size. 4 foundations, probably T1 one is not much… Check with a repair hammer.

I’ve run into a similar issue before where the stability of a certain area gets bugged. Are all 4 pieces in the same area, or in different sections? Are you using any building mods?

If you haven’t already and they are in the same section, I would destroy everything in an area around those 4 pieces, then rebuild that section.

Built on pillars? If so, it’s a known issue where pillars have some weird stability inconsistencies and Funcom dev team are working on it.

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Okay so they were built on foundations. My buildings are in the same area but they are not bunched together and I have no mods

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After placing the pieces u checked with a repair hammer (or tab) for stability issues?

Also any screenshots of the build that has a problem and which parts have problem?

3 fences, right sloping roof and 1 roof piece

I’ll take pics of the pieces that fall apart…it is a new building

Here are the pieces that fall apart. Typically 3 fences, right sloping wall and typically one roof piece except this time I had to replace 4 roof pieces. And it only happens when I log in

The stability on the top sloped wall?

Only thing may happens is that ceiling is placed and snapped on the sloped wall, and losses stability!!! Maybe attach ceiling 1st (so it snaps to the wall -also check walls stability) and then place the sloped pieces…

Just a quick update…the roof piece that was falling apart is no longer falling apart but the 3 fence pieces and the right sloping wall still fall apart but I added support. So I’ll hope for the best


I still think it’s a bug. A repair hammer didn’t do a lot of good. Some things worked while other things didn’t

What tge stability is on the parts that keep falling? A repair hammer will let you know this (or just tab if u r on pc)!

3 sloped roofs if I am not wrong r 75 stability loss … if the starting part is not 100 , it explains why they keep falling

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The right sloping wall from the pic is 60 stability, the fence on the side of the building in the other pic actually reads at 100, and I moved the other fence from the upper level in front of the building down a level and that reads at 100. When I log in tomorrow I’ll still have to replace those same 3 pieces. I fixed the roof yesterday and it’s been fine since. So what do I do? I’m currently Adding more support but regardless of that those same 3 pieces(2 fences and right sloping wall) will still fall apart

I forgot to mention that I play on PS4

Lets start fro top. The 3rd pic u uploaded has a ceiling and a missing fence… what is the stability on this ceiling?