Novemia 5x/Max Craft Modded Server!

Novemia is a laid back, Fun and exciting place to hang out where we Host a few different types of servers for multiple types of games, Aside from ARK and Minecraft, We host Conan Exiles as well!

Our Server settings and mods are as follows.

Most rates are 5X while Crafting speed is maxed out!

Conan Exiles IP:

Mod List IN ORDER:

  1. Pythagoras ID:880177231
  2. Litman Weight ID:1341544207
  3. LTs Compass ID:1185321962
  4. Litman Item Stack ID:1125427722
  5. Litman Level 156 ID:1138108077
  6. Pickup + ID:864199675
  7. DyeMoreBetterer ID:925197087
  8. Fashionist ID:1159180273

We are always listening to our community and never do anything without most people giving there voice to the situation so if you want a Fair, Fun, Exciting and laid back community to be part of, Come on over and join us!

If you have Discord and would like to come join us there as well, Please follow this link :smiley:

(HTTPS):// <— Get rid of the brackets in front and behind HTTPS since links are not allowed in posts here :stuck_out_tongue: