NPC concussive (blue) bar needs tweaking

I was fooling around and discovered that if you hit an NPC exile with a truncheon (perhaps anything that causes concussive/blue bar damage) that when the NPC rubber-bands and returns to their spawn/starting spot the bar does not regenerate. This would seem to make knocking out any NPC a very safe endeavor. All one has to have is the patience to hit the NPC once… run away until the NPC returns to it’s spot… rinse and repeat. It does however require a LOT of patience.

Quite true, and I use it to good advantage on testlive. As of today, the NPC will also not attack you while returning to their spawn point. I can stand in front of them, blocking movement by repeatedly hitting them with a truncheon until they force me back to that spawn point. At that time, they kick my ■■■.

What I was doing was banging away until they got me down to 25% or so, then retreat to the water and wait until they turn around, healing during that time.

The concussion bar never ‘heals’ when they get back to the spawn point, but their health does.



Dedicated server, no mods.

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The Blue bar not regenerating makes knocking out npc exiles a breeze with blunted arrows. Get to an area the AI cannot get to and fire away!

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