NPC HP Bar Consistency

Hello everyone,

I’d like to suggest some consistency with NPC HP bars. There are currently 4 different HP bars being used in game. The regular not outlined bar that NPC T1-T3 have, The yellow HP bar designated for named NPC’s, The Single Skull Bar, and the Triple Skull bar both designating varying levels of bosses. I’m a big fan of the different HP bars differentiating the NPC’s from there lessors it’s gotten a bit confusing.

When I say it’s gotten confusing I’m mainly talking about which NPC’s can be knocked over the head with the friendship stick and spun on the wheel till they love you, Or at least don’t want to kill you anymore.

Let’s take the Exiles Wandering Spawn for example. All the NPC’s that spawn there are currently thrallable.
The wandering spawn consists of the following names.
Airk the Slayer
Ana the Reaver
Arnos of Cimmeria
Ciria the Mad
Enika of Cimmeria
Kruth One-Blow
Noss the Murderer
Nurus the Back-stabber
Tessa the Blade
Ulrik the Beast

All of the wandering spawn NPC’s have the Single Skull HP Bar. Since they are found in the river biome when a new player comes on and gets them knocked out they will likely think that when they see the Single Skull they should grab the truncheon.

Fast forward to the Unnamed City and you find the Seekers. The Seekers are not Thrallable but sport the SS HP Bar, even further north to the Volcano you find the Emissaries, They to have a SS HP Bar. The Captain below and the Watcher above both also sport the SS HP Bar. So it’s begs the question why do the Wandering Exiles have it as well. In my opinion the wandering spawn list above should have a yellow bar and not a single skull. Dina Master Huntress is a wandering spawn in the north and has a proper yellow bar.

The yellow bar that designates named thralls isn’t perfect either because there is Vathis the Hierophant who is still sporting that yellow bar. Maybe that’s an inside joke that I don’t know about. As the other NPC’s that you can chat with have a regular bar, aside from Conan who we’ll talk about later. Vathis is not the only one in the volcano with a yellow bar, if you are curious enough to find him you might come across Brood Guard Issis who is listed on the wiki as a mini boss yet he sport the yellow HP bar and from experience, he will not be your friend not matter how many times you smack him with the love tap.

Lastly good ol’ Conan who hangs out in the bar all the time, the drinks must be good because sometimes there’s a horrifying lineup of bald men trying to make a living in there. Conan has a Triple Skull HP bar. I don’t know why he needs it because even death couldn’t keep him away from that bar. I’m really not worried about him having a life bar as much as the fact that when I’m trying to knock out some talent to make mine I target Conan. The only other instances of the Triple Skull HP bar are Bosses that can be killed.

Now that I’ve written a novel explaining what I see, I’ll get to the point. It’s simple really there are some HP bars mixed up here and there. Some NPC’s grabbed the wrong ones off the shelf when they checked in for work and they should probably give them back so that we can have balance and equality. The list of names I provided above should just about cover it but if I missed something I’m sure someone will help me out with that info. Done writing here’s some pictures.


I agree with you.

Just one thing: you posted it as a suggestion but it seems more like a bug to me.

Because inconsistency in how hp bars are assigned is not intended :wink:


Hey @Wak4863, super solid feedback. I agree. Let’s chat post patch. If you’re willing I would like to compile a list of recommendation healthbar changes when I do my next Thrall bug report (which I always do post every major patch).


I would be happy to take part in such a thing.

Sweet, hit me up on Discord soon (here’s the invite link to the fan discord if you aren’t already apart of). I may need a couple of days post patch to get my bearings with various mod updates, but I always try and attack the Thrall report soon after the patch drops.

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