HP bars bugging

Hi there,

We’ve been experimenting some issues with creatures bars :

They all show the same bar, no matter the creature and, as you can imagine, it’s pretty dangerous for our thralls.
Considering the community knows a lot about the fancy mods I was wondering if someone else have had the same issue.

It’s Hosav’s UI, nothing you can do about it other than either ignore it for the time being, or disable the mod temporarily.
Probably you’ll see an update soon as now he’s back and working on his mods. (was on holiday form what I heard)

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I knew I could count on the community ! Thank you mate

I had 98% corruption the other day it didn’t feel right I couldn’t see any red or yellow on my bars.
I wasn’t using Hosavs UI but it glitch back to normal after a reset.

Single/private server

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