NPC Shield Users block radius

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Anywhere there are shield users I’m noticing a bug. Literally there shield blocks anything they are near. What i mean is i am attacking someone in front of me with a shield user behind me and my attack gets rebounded. Not interrupted but rebounded as if the shield user is in front of my attack. I’ve noticed from the side as well but the most ridiculous is when the shield wielder is also behind me. Also what the heck is with blocking not costing any stamina that’s ridiculous.

pve server 2503

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


I’ve noticed this too… I just keep swinging until I watch their shields explode

I kick until they drop their block stance the let em have it. Carrying a maul or ax can help.

I’m not saying they are hard to deal with, i’m saying they are bugged because my attacks get rebounded by a shield wielder who is behind me and who should not be affected by my attack as I am using a spear.