NPC's Name. NPC names are not displayed

Hello, I have a problem that NPC nicknames are displayed strangely. they are loaded with a delay, sometimes when they fit into a tight one, and sometimes when they took off half of the hp. tell me how to fix it?

Could you post a picture?

Try with lower graphics settings. com/file/d/1QRlqNGHQ9xlyaQsnG5tRYpqIpJ3mZX0d/view com/file/d/1IujO_PdVVYsDrsq2VYJBgHfp8g_u5wZd/view com/file/d/1taxzM2yY8cZv_VO1W00loZ5wew4dilia/view com/file/d/19Cs8n4tqL4w7vciD-EhhFY5nUDVVQb-H/view

To load the pics one must delete the spaces between …google. com…
This Forum is Age of Conan, but aren’t the pics from Conan Exiles? Then you should post your problem there.

  1. I have some problems with English.
  2. new users cannot upload screenshots.
  3. I didn’t notice how I accidentally ran into another forum, I beg your pardon.

Never mind. People are here to help you (mostly). - As it seems a friendly Mod has already transfered your post to the right forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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