Numerous Thrall Placement and orientation Bugs

Game mode: [Online | Official Server]
Problem: Bug
Region: US

Numerous Thrall Placement issue.

  1. Positioning a Thrall and then moving them a short distance 5m or less seems to leave the placed thrall where they are and ghost created at the spot chosen. Only the ghost is intractable. The only work around is to move them away further and repeat the process, 10m or more from their last position.

  2. 2 bugs with this issue.
    a) Turn Thralls when placing them and then setting them down doesn’t leave them in the orientation selected. This occurs 50% of the time.
    b) The other 50% of the time when it does work it shows the thrall turning at a very slow motion speed in the to the orientation selected.

  3. Thralls are not being allowed to be placed on standard stairs. I don’t know if this was by design but it is odd.

4. Thralls placed on tables or bed place correctly at first, for example entertainers. After a while the drop to the floor and the bed or table is in their bodies.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


I have been having other thrall placement issues as well. once I cast the manifestation of zeal I cant place any thrall in the green barrier. second all archers once equipped with bow turn north no mater how I place them making them some times unable to react to enemies unless they or I get hit first do to out side there field of view I assume. This no thralls in green barrier is really bad cause I cant get rid of it and I am on a low pop/solo server and my alter is too close to my back wall/gate and towers so I cant place any new archers down covering it and I am trying to get ready for purges.

  1. I am was using mods but tested with no mods and confirmed that it was a base game bug

This post was made regarding specific bug complaint to an official server, not a private or hosted server just to be clear.