nVIDIA DSR for Conan Exiles


i set some settings within the nvidia control panel to activate the DSR Feature of my Card.
But… does it work?

I start the game, default is 1920x1080. Set the resolution to 2560x1440, a small confirmation box appear -> click yes nothing happenen.

So i try 3840x2160… same the box appear i click yes and… ya nothing.

I dont see any difference. I want to use DSR to deactivate Anti Aliasing. I heard from some friends, that there is no need of Anti Aliasing by using WQHD or 4k.

Normally if i change the resolution my SCreen will become black for a short time and the new resolution is there. But here no reaction. Only a check box with yes or no.

Something a clue? works or not? :confused:

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