I need help with settings

can someone help me? i just got conan exile but when i started it only allowed me 1536x864 resolution and mouse cursor does not match game.

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Welcome to the Forum. There are plenty of knowledgeable PC players on the Forum just a matter of time some one will find your post. You will definitely enjoy the game.

I know this seems like an overused question, but did you update your video card drivers?

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not really

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This needs to be your first step. Look up what Video Card you’re using and get the latest drivers.

i am downloading rn

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it still doesnt work

Dang. Are you running Steam or Epic version? If Steam, I’d have it verify the game file integrity, if Epic I’m not sure if it has a similar function (could somebody else chime in on that?)

i have epic

well, i verified too but nothing hapenned

I suppose one thing to check would be resolution settings in the ini file.

look for stuff like:


The settings are located in GameUserSettings.ini at Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

And see if you can tweak it from there.

Switch it to the native resolution of your monitor. Which video card are you using?

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