Oblivion: New Map Mod

Just wanted to show people our trailer for our new map mod!


That looks… truly impressive.


great trailer! is there a discord?


Its a map mod specifically for our server but the server is:


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The intro video is amazing! Well done!

I am definitely interested in exploring the map.


Awesome job guys! I’m so happy to see another map mod being made. Congrats!


since map mod page doesnt have some discussion or whats not … giving ya my review on it so far of what i could find.

From the start of the room nothing make sense , lots of portal no way to get out of the room at the start. I feel this was suppose to be entry level into the map i assume with pippi mod… didnt like that i had to use admin cheat to teleport out. A change to this spot would be that you include the portal to the desert. Next is that purple crystal in the beginning … i got flashy blinding light from that … i suggest to change that to something else so you dont accidently cause flashing light epilepsy.

I did like the grand arena , i felt that one looked so nice i lick it. I love the new forest area where it will be possible to do more of a treetop base excellent work on that.

Its a bit discerning that you remove the library function for getting recipes and gate behind a door no idea what this is for … i do like the multi tunnel you added to it.

I do like Rivendall in the jungle very admin set up town. I sort of wish you could have populated it with the merchant of supermeru to there.

And another concern is the removal of supermeru … additionally removing the winecellar dungeon entrance since this is basically modified Exiled land … and from what i did visiting to major places on it … you also removed alot of npc human or there a bug with them not loading in for some reason … or got replaced with undead. Not sure what your going for here.

I do like the additions , i just wish it wasnt a modified exiled land but a total creations like savage wild is. Overall so far what i could tap onto the map using ghost movespeed in SP. I give the map a 7/10. Its neat but too costly in term of user friendly map for new and old admin that looking for new map to play with.

A small suggestion i would add since your doing a full map mod , i would change up the purple wall at the begin start of spawn to have an admin to turn on the blocker as well as to allow admin like rank to pass through it and have a portal to the desert spawn there.

OP can correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I understood this is supposed to be a custom map for a specific unique server and not a mod for other admins to download and run on their servers. As such, I don’t quite understand the purpose of your review and ratings as it’s probably designed to work in tandem with their specific mod setup, so the things you listed as bugs - like not being able to get out of the starting zone - is probably taken care of on the server it’s intended to be used on :stuck_out_tongue:
Ofc if you just want to do random reviews, I am not trying to stand in the way, I was merely pointing out that you’re probably not reviewing the actual thing they meant to achieve with it :smiley:

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it was just a review and giving feedback on the map i like and didnt like , he can take it as feedback or so on. But i am following to see how well this map evolve over time.

They require the server mod to work. A lot of the population is on our server itself as opposed to on the base map.

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Hope you guys like it, more to come soon <3

Nae had a chance to check it out just yet, hoping maybe this long weekend to get to it.

We look forward to you trying out our first little project of many <3

cheeky bump <3

So does this map mod work in single player?
Does it modify an existing map or can it be played independent of other saves?
How does one go about downloading and making it work?
Is there a picture of the terrain layout to give an overview of what the map looks like?