Obsidian Weapons Warm You

Obsidian weapons, since they originate from the volcano, should make you hotter upon hit. Black Ice weapons give you a Coldsnap effect upon impact, but Obsidian weapons should cause a Hotflash effect.

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Eh… :thinking:

I’m gonna go with no, I don’t think so. See, black ice is, well, ice. It’s cold. Supernaturally cold. A piece of darkness itself made manifest.

Obsidian is a rock. A completely ordinary, everyday, shiny black rock.


Glurin’s reasoning is sound. The very description of black ice indicates its supernatural origin. Obsidian weapons were used by native Mexicans agains conquistadors, and neither Bernal Díaz nor Hernan Cortés reported any extraordinary heating effects on the Spanish troops.


They probably didn’t respawn if they died either.


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