How much do black ice weapons lower temp per hit?

I have been running around with a black ice spear with kinslayer spear skin for reach in pve.

I have noticed the temp icon on all opponents when I hit, but it feels like base damage puts the target down before I see a DOT like effect that I might see with bleed or poison accelerating the damage output.

Is the temp effect one level per hit (cold, very cold, extremely cold, frostbite), or is it a fraction of each temperature level per hit?

If it is a fraction, I think I’d be better off with a straight dps spear than one that does an added dot?

Appreciate your expertise folks!

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I’m pretty sure temperature only affects other players, not NPCs, so weapons that produce that “temp icon” on hit, aren’t going to do you much good in PvE. Sorry :disappointed_relieved:


Well that is not a surprise - but it is kinda lame. Oh well. Thanks for letting me know!

Temperature effects only work on players. So outside of PvP they are useless.


Would be a cool mechanic in my opinion.
For players the temperature changes would remain, but for NPCs (and players too) if the warming effect reaches 10, the enemy would be on fire, and would take as many damage as the lava (not the lava wall) deals, and burn into ashes. Logically, that is the next step from heatwave damage-wise. :laughing:
If the cooling effect reaches 10 stack, the enemy would be frozen and slowed down significantly and take extra damage for a period of time.

Countering it is easy: good heat/cold resistant armor, heating/chilling consumables/weapons in hand.

Edit: completely frozen in one place would be too OP. Changed that.


I was actually thinking about how a fire DoT effect would work in the Conan universe without being too cheesy when I was fighting Rotbranch.


Yeah, I always wanted to set things on fire. And rotbranch would be a perfect example, it is made out of trees, easy to burn.

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