Thralls and temperature

Are thralls affected by extreme temperatures? Does armor have the same effect on them in extreme temperatures as it does on your character? I know they can die by stepping in lava, I found that out the hard way, but other than that can extreme temperatures kill them?

As far as I know they aren’t affected by temperature, walking into lava (as you already noticed :wink: ) or a Yog pit kills them though.

Thanks. I’ve been wondering because I’ve been noticing what looks like a temperature icon on them during combat lately. Altho I can’t be sure as my eyesight is very poor.

The temperature icon means they’ve been hit by a heat effect, such as a Frost giant’s attack or black ice weapon. I’ve no idea if that actually harms a thrall, though. But just yesterday I took a nude Mandughai Hundred-Arrow to the north via Black Keep obelisk, and she didn’t seem to mind the weather. (I was taking her from Sepermeru to my northern base where her new armor was waiting. I do like to keep my thralls adequately outfitted.)

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