Temperature In Dungeons

I would like to say that this is my interpretation of mechanics, my experience within the game and simply my opinion. So for any false information in this post I apologise.

With the release of the Warmaker’s Sanctuary dungeon and the Godbreaker armour I’ve had a couple thoughts. Removing passive temperature effects in dungeons is the topic of this post though.

As I understand the temperature change is to give the game an environmental change and extra dimension to how players play but in dungeons like the well of Skellos the temperature restricts the player to a few armour sets regardless of epic flawless quality.

The Godbreaker armour has 3 bars of cold resistance per piece rendering it useless anywhere but within the frozen north or on thrall. I believe this should be the case as the armour provides incredible protection and bonuses and widening the range of use for this armour would make it too strong. However from a PvE standpoint this armour is fantastic when doing PvE pinnacle activities (dungeons) but that isn’t possible because of the temperature resistance. So what I suggest is adjusting the temperature within dungeons so players can use strong armour or whatever amour they choose to.

I do this see the issues involved concerning the Well of Skellos and the Frost Temple as they are both set in places where temperature change is unavoidable. How I would get around this would be to adjust how quickly the passive temperature affects the player and increase direct changes for example when a Frost Giant applies the ‘Coldsnap’ debuff you become colder faster. A change could also be made to Serpent Men by giving them a similar ability call it ‘Heatwave’.

I hope to get some constructive responses thank you for reading my post.

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Armor is one of the few resources we have that is survival.
In order to have the highest tier of certain sets and perks, we need to find specific armorers. Changing the way armor is would negate that, and lump it into the collect x amount fo raw resources.

One planning technique is to have your thrall always wear temp opposite of what you have, and as close to the att perks so your build is consistent in both extreme cold and extreme hot.

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To the respondees thank you for taking the time to read my post but I’d like to affirm that I’m discussing temperature changes in dungeons only not general weather affects and of course that my raw idea is in no way streamlined. I also don’t wish to remove survival aspect of the game I only ask that more potent armour sets are viable is the harder dungeons (to a point). The main driving force behind this is that the majority of people are just using Silent Legion to do the majority of high end PvE activities and that disappoints me. All I want is variety.

Love this and to add to it perhaps she volcanic activity raises the temperature in the volcano which is already deadly but would infinitely increase the thought and process players need to do before venturing into such a harsh environment.


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