I'm on the edge

So… temperature system isn’t going to change in any significant way… this was the most discouraging news of the day (which I guess I’m lucky in the broader scope of things). I was waiting with much anticipation.

Help me out, folks. I’d like to keep playing but not if I have to carry my wardrobe around. I can’t take falling off cliffs because of temperature effects. I had such high hopes that I wouldn’t need to get naked to keep from freezing to death. It’s just so stupid… soooo stupid. :grimacing:

The fix was easy. Don’t make armors generate hot/cold. Give them environmental mitigation not actively generating temperature effects themselves. Why the ham-handed approach? Those noobs at The Fun Pimps even got it right eventually. I know there’s mods to disable temperature but that’s not helpful.

Any one know of any modders working on this with a sane approach?

/defeated :worried:

Or dress for the area you are going in?
It is a survival choice. Looking nice and protecting oneself against the environment don’t always run parallel.

Fashion has nothing to do with it. It’s an unnecessary survival choice based on bad design with a common sense solution.

Have you played this game beyond the jungle/desert? I ask because you seem to be unfamiliar with the issue of epic flawless armors being too good for their designated environment on occasion. It requires frequent armor changes as the temperature shifts within and between biomes, especially if you traverse multiple like temperate to tundra to volcano and back. This can limit your ability to explore by throwing you off cliff faces as you climb due to ANY shift in your temperature.

More armors (read: recolored old armors) and another consumable item to even out your temp is unimaginative at best.

I have never made it past that bat on the broken highway. Been trying to kill him with a stone sword for 13 months.



@ZombieX13 ZombieX13
PC version, you say?

There are private servers with the Fashionist mod that let you change the look of different armor. But, that’s not what you’re into if it’s just a vanity thing? Some ELI has very neutral effects. I use Sanguis Assassin armor in all weather on my server: Croozi’s Conan Chaos & Chill

Now seriously, has anyone tried on SP (keep inv on death) with the new Acid arrows to kill it before it flies off. May just try it to see if i can break the game lol.

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Also, sorry if I came off like a jerk. Unintentional. Thanks for your input.

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Thanks for almost everyone’s input on this topic. I can appreciate you’re suggestions but swapping armors was a primary complaint and fashion is secondary in this game if not tertiary. That’s why I didn’t mention it. Swapping with a follower is tedious and when I’m slaving/running the volcano they tend to get in the way or die so I rarely have a +1.

I’m primarily looking for a mod that would rework the temperature system to [almost] anything but what they have here. So if anyone sees that, keep me in mind. Secondarily, I’m just whinging from disappointment… :sob:

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I’ve tried to attack it with regular arrows. The bat doesn’t take any damage.

… Of course I had to try. For science!

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My main base is in E4 since 11 months so I think I can give you some tips on how to deal with temperature in River biome.

Your problems begins when you drink water and/or you swim and/or it’s night while in epic flawless heat protection armors in river or jungle biomes.

Because to be honest, during the day, never had problems even wearing flawless epic aquilonian infantry armor in “cool” biomes.

Avoid doing this things at the same time (don’t drink water while swimming or during the night in the wilderness) and use something else to quench your thirst and you’ll never took dmg by temperature in such biomes.

Do you want the new bonus coming with the next patch if you’re feeling cool ? The responce is in the tempreature mechanic itself: mix the armor pieces.

For example I use +9 Vitality epic flawless armor, so I mixed some pieces of the Cimmerian Medium armor (cold protection) with the Aquilonian (from DLC) medium armor (heat protection) and I obtained an armor perfect for cool envirmonments and with the same bonus as a complete armor set.

This don’t work because the armor you use gives you particular attribute bonuses you can’t find in other armors with the other temperature protection ?

Good, than find and wield the Mistmourn while using a cold protecting armor or Solspeil if you’re wearing a heat protecting armor.

In any case remember: the sheltered status effect lower the effect of heat/cold weather, so best way to safe travel across the map is to have an outpost near each obelisks with a chest and an armor good for that environment stored in there.


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