Temperatures and Biomes, a deeper look

So, I know you devs have a ton of things on your hands, and I apologize for adding one more…but we need to speak about the temperature system. It worked well before the patch. It got cold if you didn’t wear the right gear in the north, in the basis snow covered areas. And you had to update your armor and temp coverage the higher you went, or often the deeper you went in the case of the Temple of Frost.

That no longer is the case.

I am sure you know the area, but near the ancient dam there is a switch in biome type from forest to taiga to snow, literally as you just walk into the snows and the taiga like region change…it goes to extremely cold on every basic warming armor. It goes to only cold…on Flawless armor. Mind you this is not near any place that is important, or high up, or supposed to be very cold like the temple of frost. It’s just your run of the mill, same level as the forest behind you snow covered land. And your armors can’t even keep the characters the proper warmth? Now, I say that but I tested them down south as well…and they respond correctly.

I wear those armors in the south and it puts me up near over heating (With an exception of the vanir settler) which it absolutely should.

So we know it works down south…so what needs relooking is not the temp stats on the armors it seems, but the temps itself in the different regions. Now I ran around for quite awhile…and almost every region on the same ground level as the snow area’s as the forests right behind them all do this. Why has the temperature cold settings been changed when it worked very well before? Getting colder the higher you get, or the nearer towards the frost temple you were. And only flawless allowed you to work in those regions with out aid of mead or spiced meat items.

Now all the snow areas are this way, and even near the temples or higher you go it gets worse, even flawless is of little use in that regard now.

Effectively, two things have currently happened. You’ve cut off half a biome unless I find a legendary shield that gives warmth protection (That should not be the case, no one should need to get a legendary shield simply to build in the snows) and building in the snows is out, as there is no reason to build there. While insulated does put your temp back into neutral with no issues…the moment you step outside, your character experiences all those same detrimental effects.

I appease to you devs at funcom, please tweak the settings back to the temp system before the live patch you made to the game. Make those regions habitable again on the basic levels like they were before. Make the higher regions the ones that require flawless to be needed, or the frost temple, or the black keep…not half of the northern biome. I fell in love with this area of the game and I do hope it will not be forgotten with the new biomes coming out. Thank you for your time,