Occult Defencive - Streak Ruining bug

I managed to get to Wave 43 with a few other people. We were aiming to get as far as we could, but, mid-way through Wave 43 a consistently flickering blue-screen began to rupture the game to the point I hade to restart the game.
After I restarted the game, I reconnected to the Occult Defensive but was not in the group of people I had been playing with for the past couple of hours, so - it booted me out to the New York Raid where it caught me in a constant loading loop, where it’d load me into New York, then reload, then log me back into NYR and then begin loading again. Over and Over. Until I managed to teleport out.

So. I got nothing. Got broken for a good bit until I managed to struggle my way out and back in the lobby. And have essentially wasted my time and lost all my rewards.

fix pls.


Good luck lol. We had to deal with that every wave on the way to 54 from somewhere in the 40’s.
It’s even worse now than before rebalance.

I also used to get kicked to NYR often, but it hasn’t happened to me personally in a while, from OD.

It’s been reported quite a bit and even mentioned again in open beta.

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I really am empathetic with you about this one. I’d like to address that there are 2 separate and distinct issues here that i myself have been battling over with Funcom for a while, without any results, and these issues are ruining the game big time.

  • The first issue is the obvious one that you’re exposing - the flicker screen. It’s been known by Funcom for a while, way before the rebalance, for at least maybe a full year before - it’s been acknowledged as a common bug happening in OD after an OD rework patch (that rework contained new things like Singularities and the 5min enrage on mobs afaik, just don’t remember when exactly it happened). Funcom’s response to that is that they need to make an engine developer come over from Oslo or something to look into it… and that STILL did not happen. I can understand this not being an easily fixable issue since it’s related to the engine, but the thing is that i’m not even sure Funcom even tried !

  • The second issue is a very nasty one: the simple fact that you get booted from the game “just because why not”. You have to pull out tricks like “unplugging your internet just so the game believe you’ve got a legit disconnect, because if not, the game just kicks you…” or “crash your client”. This comes down to a huge and disrespectful design flaw where the game just arbitrarily kicks people in groups, and this issue is extremely severe with people getting booted in dungeons, raids, etc… I’d guess this has been implemented to combat abusive AFKs or exploits, but then you cannot even vote kick someone in a dungeon for the first 5 min (or is it even more than that?), which is very ironic. This is not an engine-related issue, but i guess the overall code in the dungeon finder and queues is still such spaghetti that they can’t do anything about it, OR they think it’s not important enough to allocate any people to fix it.

So here we are, stuck with an impending doom when you disconnect from the game and you have to hurry up and log back in the game, while still not being guaranteed that you won’t get booted.

As for myself, it happened to me & Dr-Levsky twice during the very first OD contest when OD was released, at the time Levsky’s internet was quite bad, and he had been getting disconnects at times - just because it took him like, 10 min to come back, while i had either stabilized the OD wave on my own (there was no enrage on mobs back in the day, so i could do whatever i wanted for half an hour or something), or when i had actually even finished the current wave and was waiting for him to log back in. While we still managed to complete wave 44, this event (him being booted from the group) happened twice at a very high wave, and one of those disconnects had a good chance to actually have disabled us from completing an even higher wave 45 (or more). I guess i don’t really need to explain how angry i was, and how disappointed Levsky could have felt, + he had lost all the rewards as well from those runs.