OD death bugs blink screen and minimap fail

When I die in higher waves, 30+, my screen will blink blue, and my mini map bugs ( mobs no longer show up on map) Only happens after I die. And not every single time. Very weird issue. Only temp fix so far is to disconnect wifi, relog, etc. But map still does not show mobs properly even after relog into same session OD. Reload UI does not fix. Map only works properly again on completely new session.

I’ve restarted pc. Repaired files. Have the proper vid card settings, etc. Seems to be random as this doesn’t happen every time but, when it does, it ruins the session and perhaps any further progression of waves.

And please don’t tell me not to die after wave 29. LOL. yeah…right.

The orange skulls on the minimap take longer and longer to show up with the higher the wave.
Same as the announce getting more and more cryptic about stuff.

I know they are delayed some but the map bugs as in not show at all. Before death they show. After death they don’t. Or only every other mob spawn may show. Even if I’ve logged and fixed the blink screen by relogging into same session of OD, the map is bugged for the duration of that session on every new wave. Only way to fix map is to quit session and begin new one.

Yes I’ve seen all these issues before. With regard to the mob markers not always showing I’ve countered that with the mod that shows name tags for every creature in the area regardless of distance from your character. Mobmarkers I believe the name is. As for the flicker bug as frustrating as that is I don’t think there is any simple fix on funcoms end. After considerable thought about it I think the best thing they could do is open saved waves up beyond 29 so players still have the chance to get the 35 achievement and players who wish to push as far as they can go don’t waste 2 hours + only to get a blue screen.

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Amen to that. It is so frustrating to get so far then chance to lose everything to blue flicker. I think your idea is great. 29+ starting. And I’ll check out the mod. Thanks so much.

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