Day 4 found bug and possible crash place

Game mode: Official online
Type of issue: *Crash and bug *
Server type: PvE
Region: Europe
Mods?: NO]

Bug Description:

Another day another Bugs caught on video
Probably will combine with first day report and day 2 but now atleast i try to show with actual videos ( twitch ones)
Mostly based on this video video there
So lets start :

  1. Bugged resources around base - at first day i mentioned this bug but had no normal video proof and location so now there it is
    ( image of location marked in with region grasss now is bugged, last patch fixed stone bug: Screenshot by Lightshot)
    Video is about : 3 min , 50 sec. instant disappearing on grass but should be 3 hits like every other place

  2. Surge drop bug ( starts at 2 hour,12 minute )
    Intro : there is 2 bugs with surge
    2.1) ‘‘delayed’’ drop - as u see in video started surge at 2 hour 12 minute, when cthulhu or whatever opened portal, it tooked 3 minutes ( 2 hour , 15 minute ) until npc started to drop from portal…
    2.2) Golden plates - Pay attention to ( 2 hour . 17 minute and 50 sec ) archer, that he is 1 skull boss actually : so why do he has golden knockable thrall healthbar?? This counters also in different way, because in blace where derketo pirates spawn there is Named ‘’‘bowmaker’’ npc that is knockable but he has NO golden healthbar. also in surges , Like aesir veterans - they should be either knockable if golden bar or 1 skull as normal if not…

  3. Bugged sanctuaries of priests ( avatar offerings)
    Intro : Look video ad 3 hour 0 min and second.
    I am trying to offer jebal sag flesh of rememberance to Set, but altar dont see both of them

  4. That fatal error

So i thinked it maybe is caused for me because pc cant hold twitch + game, but nope, that error
this one : Screenshot by Lightshot

appears ONLY in one side of map and only in only one event well after event ( my guess is that game forces too fast to render far objects than it was in event…

To explain more understandable - i think that ashland sky box is causing this types of fatal errors, because look at this : Screenshot by Lightshot map , i marked crashplaces where after rejoin i was dead, and arrows are showing direction where i rided sprinted or walked , means it happens only when leaving ashlands, sure its only my guess, but based each crash happened only walking out not in ashland, and in moment when sky box from smog turned clear, i think far textures not making to spawn in time and that is causing most crashs…

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