So many BUGS pve 1021 server

Game mode: PVE 1021 : (Online official]
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE]
Region: no idea]

[Describe the bug here]

TOO MANY BUGS IN THE GAME!!! frustrating me to nop END!!!

  1. i spend 7 hours making 1-3 set altar, when it finnally made the 3rd upgrade, it all dissapeard!!! RAGE, FREAKING RAGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, i had to go to the shop to buy a new keyboard, a server admin better come to the server and set things straigh!!!
  2. sand storms are bugged, they are either invisible and work, or visible and dont work, sometimes i see the sand storm but my buddy does not!!!
    3.hauman gift is BUGGED, we gave it hearts it told us we get the potion and the monkey boon, but we did NOT!!!
    4.elevators are BUGGED you have to pull the lever twice for it too function
    if you leave your base and come back elevators are always up!!
    sometimes we fall through the elevator!!!..
  3. server not showing up in the list, lots of down time!!, YOU ARE MURDERING THE SERVER, CHASING OFF ITS AND NEW PLAYERS!!! WITH ALL THIS bs IT IS FRUSTRATING AS HELL!!!

so many bugs!!! you owe me 55 euro for a new keyboard, and the full upgrade set altar!!!.. MORE THAN 7 HOURS spend today BUILDING IT!!!, IAM SO FRUSTRATED THAT MY ENGLISH IS VERY BAD AT THE MOMENT!!! 7 FREAKIGN HOURS!!! I SPEND 7 HOURS COLLECTING ALL THE MATERIALS, HEARTS AND HIGH PRIEST!!!

Hey @burning

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