Odin's Hall Server Savage Wilds PVE

Howdy, the server has been around since last year. They used to be full until everything died down.

The server owner Odin/Blitzhammer gave me permission to advertise his server. It’s a good server to play on.

Here is the server’s IP address:

List of mods:

Pippi User&Sever Management
Velox’s Tattoos
Barbarian Barber 3.5.3
Immersive Armor 6.5.5
Shani’s Stuff
Fashionist 4.2.3
Savage Steel
Emberlight 3.3.0
Northern Timber 2.3.13
ExilesEtreme 1.5.36
Improved Quality of Life 3.4.6
Devious Desires
Indrid’s Custom Races and Classes
Hosav’s Custom UI Mod 2.3.7
Better Thralls 1.9.16
Pythagoras Expanded Building 2.0.1
Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal EEWA 0.29.5
Less Building Placement Restrictions 7.4.2
Stacksize Plus 1.7.17 DLC Compatible
Kerozards Paragon Leveling Reloaded 2.3.6
Savage Wilds 1.3.83

We’re on Discord.

Invite: Odin's Hall - Viking War Gods <VWG>