OF.#6457 Stun clubs no longer function properly

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Server EU -Official #6457 PvE conflict

After the update, I found a bug where all the clubs used to stun don’t work, the gray stamina bar doesn’t go down.
I’m playing on an official server(#6457) Siptah map.
I play without lag, although there are some structures of other players on the map that slow down the server.

I tried on many NPC camps and the stun club didn’t work, only a couple of times it worked, probably due to some action I did or movement glitch? I couldn’t figure out what I did to make them work for a short time. I also tried to redo new clubs, all to no avail, they don’t seem to work on almost all NPCs

i think the issue is only with the black corsairs,

did you try it on other factions? like stygian and accursed cimmerians?


…it was normal for me to go and stun cursed furies, or look for named thrall NPCs on various camps (including corsairs). Since the update (on the official Siptah map server where I play now) it is no longer possible.

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On Exile map I knocked out several Thralls will try this weekend on Siptah I am on Playstation definitely some weird things going :sweat_smile:.

I believe this may be the issue. I haven’t tested Corsairs yet, but I’ve already tried it on Stygians and they knocked out just fine. I’m on PlayStation btw. I’ll try to check tomorrow or something on the Corsairs as Heretic’s Haunt (Stygian camp) has absolutely zero sorcerers. :unamused:

Greetings @Lucky2999 ,

Can you confirm on which factions you have tried this?

Please, mention some of the clubs you used as well.

Thank you in advance!

its faction level Zahmaiatt,

the bug affeect every single Black corsair , from bearers, all the way to t4s (crafters and fighters /archers performers, priests, and sorcerers) anything black corsair.

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