Black Corsairs in Siptah are immune to truncheons Bump!

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Co-op
Server Type: PvE
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: None
Mods: Pippi, Emberlight

Bug Description:

Can’t knock out Black Corsairs

Use any truncheon. Black Corsairs do not take concussion damage. They also have the same drops as the Stygian invaders on the Exiled Lands, who are also immune to truncheons. Is there a connection?


just looked at the devkit, the statmod for the black corsairs has int 8 at 999999.0, int 8 controls consciousness max. this is an easy fix, funcom. like 30 seconds.
and while your at it, fix the duplicated float 6 for Forgotten_Tribe mods so t1-t3 cimmerians will stop having double their intended natural armor. another 30 second fix.


Remember when there was a 30 second change to put decay timers back to normal and they set thrall decay to 1 day? Yeah… it may not JUST be a “30 second fix.” :face_exhaling:


i mean i can do it and push the mod to workshop if you want to see
this is literally just some numbers, no code
for funcom, it’s a 30 second fix and then a 3 week wait for patch approval on console, and they have other stuff on the agenda so i understand they dont just patch every little thing on a whim, they gotta add it up and do whatever QA still exists, then submit patch to consoles for approval, it’s not as fast to get the fix to you as it would be for them to fix it.

They wrote about this a long time ago, but… it’s water off a duck’s back.

Maybe Black Corsairs are versed in Ecky-Thump, rendering truncheons useless against them

Same holds true for Drunken Pirates.

While attempts to justify it in game could be amusing, it’s a bug new to the 3 months extension onto the 1 chapter extension of the Age of War.

It’s like they sprinkled little bits of problems in the update just to drive home that they are not equal to the update pace.

But that was unnecessary, anyone who has been playing at all during age of war already knew reach and grasp weren’t even in the same county anymore.

yah drunken pirates use the same statmod preset

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new hotfix, but no idea if they fixed it, or not, its quite common to see incomplete changelog from this guys.

nope not fixed LOOOL!

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Same here. No matter what is used, Black Corsairs will not be subdued.

Please fix.

It doesn’t work on anything official at all under any mode. You have all the information you need.