Off-Switch for EEWA?

We run weekly PvP meetups and have run into a small snag. While we nerf everyone’s stats and gear, we can’t turn off or negate the special powers granted to those who have ascended in the EEWA mod. Does anyone know if there is a workaround or perhaps some other way to negate these effects?

I haven’t dealt with that mod, personally, but as a general workaround for that sort of thing you’d make a separate bracket for players with the extra abilities. If that is not feasible due to the percentage of players with compared to players without, buff player stats rather than nerf them. If fights are too fast or unbalanced with reduced damage and stats, leave those alone and instead give all players a proportionately larger health pool for the duration of the event to balance it out.

Ah, but if only it were that easy. The particular mod I mention gives the characters powers beyond the normal scope of the game. For instance, one player has a ridiculous heal rate while another causes you to catch on fire when you physically attack them. Even adjusting the stats only helps so much (did I mention the ridiculous heal rate). It’s a great mod, lots of extra endgame material, just hoping there’s some way to work with it. If I had the numbers the bracket system would be a no brainer but, like many, my server has a somewhat low number of players.

Suggest checking the EEWA Discord channel. They will likely be able to provide better feedback.

I thought there was an option in the mod settings to disable features in EEWA and control what is available in PvP situations. There is a stand-alone mod configuration control mod that EEWA works with for easier admin access to the settings.

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The Discord was my next stop, was just hoping I might get lucky and someone goes, “oh yeah, no problem, real easy.” I have high hopes sometimes.

Look into the mod: ModControlPanel (mod ID 1823412793

I see in-game that the EEWA mod can allow or disallow Augments working against players. Also option to disable Traits for PvP. But you are asking about Ascension. That has an enable/disable for that system in general, but no specific clarification whether that is a temporary or permanent change. IE. does enabling it again restore prior settings Ascensions or reset everyone to base?

Still, checking with the mod authors directly would likely be best.

Still no word on whether or not there is a built-in system for temporary disabling but I’m going to try out the ModControlPanel mod here soon. To be honest, I wasn’t very familiar with it and only recently found it’s compatible with EEWA so thanks for that.

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