Mods, mods, mods... (Another load order pain post)

A couple of days ago, I found out that one of the mods we have has major features not working due to some kind of mystery conflict somewhere. The best recommendations I’ve gotten from Hosav’s community is that I need to revise my mod order, but so far, I’ve not been able to get it working well on my own, so… I come to the hivemind to throw myself at your mercy and beg your help in getting this going.

Current mod order:

  • Pippi
  • Trinket 'n Tunes
  • Emberlight
  • RA: Character customisation
  • Fashionist
  • Immersive Armor
  • Dude’s Delightful Decorations
  • Deco & Placeables
  • Placeable Pets RP
  • Roleplay Redux
  • Immerse RP: Festive Days
  • Immerse RP: Fright Night
  • Immerse RP: Buildings & Placeables
  • Lament (Emberlight)
  • Glass Constructions and more
  • Hosav’s Pets Extended
  • Thrall War Decorations
  • Ravencrest Couriers
  • Akuba’s Salon
  • Barbarian Barber
  • Immersive Warpaints
  • VeloX Tattoos
  • Stoja’s Warpaints
  • Accessory Wardrobe
  • Lemurian Architect
  • Roleplay Theatrics
  • DungeonMasterTools
  • Kerozard’s Paragon Leveling
  • Thrall War Dungeon Mod
  • Less Building Placement Restrictions
  • EEWA
  • Basements
  • MultiChar
  • Improved Quality of Life

Any recommendations on what I need to do to un-b0rk this?

Still been working at it. Nine more hours in, still can’t get the thing to boot. :frowning:


I don’t by any means have the expertise to address this. But it may help the mod minded folks if you clarify which mod seems to be not working properly.

Fair, thank you. Allow me to elaborate:

Our original modlist, before today’s update looked like this:


Part of EEWA’s features were not working, specifically, the prestige/constellation system. I was in the process of trying to implement this advice from EEWA’s Discord:

Generally speaking, you can group your mods into categories to help with understanding load order (this will apply in many cases, there are some mods that bridge categories or just do weird things unless they’re in specific spots, there are usually recommendations on their workshop page if they need a specific spot):

  • Pippi
  • Mods that add items
  • Mods that alter terrain
  • Mods that add npcs
  • Mods that change game behaviour (like weather, etc)
  • mods that change npc behaviour
  • mods that change UI

I’m not sure if it’s been the update or the change in mod load order, but we’re currently in a boot/crash loop, and trying to just get the mods set up to run in single player also leads to crashes on load. So, in a little bit of a pickle. Looking for some direction in how to order these mods so as to actually get the server up and running so our folks can play this weekend.

Make sure you have a backup of save game files and then remove all but a half dozen mods using the category format you listed above. If it successfully boots with those mods, add 3-4 more mods and reboot. If it fails at anytime remove 1 mod and retry. Once it boots with all the mods then start testing functionality of the mods. If you need to reorder the load list try to only move 1 mod at a time. I won’t be able to help with boot order but the individual mod discord channels should be a valuable resource to you. Utilize them to the best of your ability.

I have. They were the first place I tried, but had no luck getting any help from them, so I came here. Saw a few threads where folks were able to get some solid help with getting their order nailed down, so I’m trying my luck for the same. The best thing I got was the quote above, regarding the ordering of categorized mods.

I’m sure you’ve already tried anything I can suggest, but often (for me anyway), if a specific mod isn’t working, I usually try moving it down in the order list. GL

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That’s an elegant way to approach this. I’ll roll it back to the original order and give that a shot.

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I suspect DaVice’s suggestions are more useful than anything I could come up with, but just in case:
I noticed that in your initial mod list LBPR is above EEWA. From my limited understanding, I suspect that may need to be the other way round (the required mod order list on the LBPR page is pretty clear, I’m just not certain exactly how that applies to EEWA given that I haven’t used it). The same point may also apply to Basements (since I believe that ‘modifies or creates new buildings’, which would mean it needs to be above LBPR as well).

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We’re still working our way through it, but I’ll definitely keep an eye on these two cases, especially. I’m pretty sure we’ve moved LBPR below EEWA. Good call on the basements too–honestly I have no idea why it’s even that far down in the first place. That should for sure be much further up the chain than it is right now.

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Work is still ongoing, but… We’ve at least got the server booting!

I’ll report back with the modlist, as well as what the various mods in that list are, since a bunch of the names are unknown and mysterious. x’D

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Dude’s Delightful decorations was broken until late last night so you should be able to start your server. Although there are a few mods on your list I am not familiar with.

Below is a helpful tip on mod order from Multigun (this does not account for EEWA and AoC mods that sometimes has particular mod load requirements)


Welp, we’ve got it booting and had to change some mods around, but now we’re back to the problem we had before the update. The mod order we have that’s working looks like this. Beside each of the *.pak names, I’ve included what the mod is, for those unfamiliar with the filenames. If the filename is actually named the same as the mod, it’s just a description of what the mod is.

Trinkets_n_Tunes.pak  -- Adds a bunch of items to the database that you can set up as drops or quest rewards to be used as stuff with Pippi.
RoleplayRedux.pak -- Custom TTRPG system
DungeonNDragon.pak  -- Hosav's Pets Extended
Emberlight_Lament.pak -- Making Death Funf! (tm)
Basements.pak -- Amazing mod from MisanthropicFace. It creates a placeable basement room in your base. If you haven't, you should check this out.
DudesDelightfulDecorations.pak -- It's got, uh...  Decorations.
Asghaard_deco_and_placeables.pak -- Something like ten billion amazing placeables. Much flavor. Such decoration. Wow.

Conan_Cults_and_Crafts.pak  -- MisanthropicFace's continuation of Kali's Cults and Crafts.
WarSong.pak -- RP Placeables.  Beautiful stuff.  Also has placeable RP pets, which is what brought it to our attention.

GCam.pak -- Glass Constructions and More.  Adds glass building pieces.
DungeonMasterTools.pak -- Tons of awesome stuff for making dungeons and other encounters for players, including custom weapons and armor for bespoke quest rewards.
StylistPlus.pak -- Fashionist.  Play Conan Exiles and look good doing it.
Emberlight.pak -- Tons and tons of RP stuff.
Christmas_ImmerseRP.pak  -- Christmas decorations for Immerse RP
Halloween_ImmerseRP.pak -- Halloween decorations for Immerse RP
Immersion.pak -- ImmerseRP.  A slightly smaller and generally more respectable mod that does a lot of what Emberlight does, but with fewer spam update notices, and fewer dick jokes.  It's like Emberlight when it finally gets out of middle school.
ThrallWarDecorations.pak -- Thrall Wars Decorations. Just some decor to work nicely with...
SlaveWarsServer.pak  -- Thrall Wars Dungeon Mod. I just..  it..   If dealing with the stuff from Emberlight's people is annoying, you're going to LOVE the Thrall Wars staff.
RavencrestCouriers.pak -- Name actually matches the mod. Ravencrest Couriers.  In-game mail system.  Breed birds.  Train birds. They'll carry letters and packages to other bird coops for you.  Amazing mod.  Can't recommend it enough.

KerozardsParagonLeveling.pak -- 270 extra levels, plus advancement past level 60.  Good stuff, all around.

No_Building_Placement_Restrictions.pak -- Frees where you can build.
Improved_Quality_of_Life.pak -- Mini map, character customization, multiple saved character presets. One person I know of uses it to RP different characters without the need for something like Multichar, but this sadly doesn't fix the problem of different characters belonging to different clans.
AkubaSalon.pak -- Loads of hair styles.
immersivearmor.pak -- Loads of armor styles and fancy extras.

RATweaks.pak -- Makes screenshots and lighting look better.

RA.pak -- RA: Roleplay Aesthetics.  Tons of extra character customization options. Really elevates what you can do with your character appearance.
BarbaricBarber.pak -- Even more hair.
AccessoryEquipment.pak -- Creates a framework for adding accessories to your character.  Kind of bolt-on items for stuff your character might carry other than clothes.
VeloX-Tattoos.pak -- Tattoos/warpaints.
ImmersiveWarpaints.pak -- Tattoos/warpaints.
StojasWarpaints.pak -- Tattoos/warpaints.
ReforgedBladeTheatrics.pak -- Called Roleplay Theatrics on the Workshop.  Bunches more cosmetic goodies, building placeables, etc.
Ancient_Architect.pak -- Fancy Lemurian building pieces.

Tutorial.pak -- EEWA:  Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal.  Don't let the name fool you, this is a whole endgame world of quests, character advancement, magic, and more, PLUS neat endgame weapons.

MultiChar.pak -- One account.  Multiple characters.  Just like pretty much every other fantasy game ever.

The problem we’re having SEEMS to be just between EEWA and Multichar, though it’s been extremely inconsistent in testing. For some reason the prestige system in EEWA doesn’t work. When you hit max level, you’re supposed to be able to choose a permanent buff in the form of a star constellation representing one of the gods. This buff comes with the downside of making you take more damage from all the nasties in the game. The problem we’ve been having is that the constellations will just not work on our live server. Works fine in single player or on our test server. Live server just won’t work. The buffs are absent, but the penalties apply without trouble. So, we’ll likely continue fiddling with the mod load order until we can get the kinks worked out of that.

Only thought I can offer is that Lemurian Architect is building pieces, so should be above LBPR, and I would think EEWA needs to be as well. I can’t really see how that would affect this specific issue, but it’s all I got I’m afraid. Hopefully someone with greater mod knowledge can offer more.

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Oh hey, it’s good to see you again, Dan!

RE: Lemurian Architect, we thought that too, but one of the crafting recipes to make it changes how furnace work, so it ends up needing to be pretty deep in the list.

EEWA seems to break basically everything so it likes being toward the bottom; aside from MultiChar, I can’t really see anything that it wants/needs to be above. I’d definitely take recommendations if anyone has anything specific that needs to go below EEWA.

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Thanks :slight_smile: I needed a bit of time away from the forums, but it’s good to be back.
That’s useful to know about Lemurian Architect - one of the mods that’s been on my radar to try out for a while - that might save me some headaches when I do get round to it.

I guess EEWA’s just so darn complicated that it’s a category all of its own, lol.

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IMHO, it really is. If you’re ever in the mood to check out the Lemurian Architect stuff, I’ve not started advertising my server yet. We’re just testers and early access folks from my community where we’ve got other games we host. If you wanted to check stuff out before having to commit to your own, you’re welcome to take my stuff for a test drive. Just ping me here or on Discord before you head over so I can get you the admin info.


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That’s a lovely offer, thank you. But the last time I attempted server play on this machine, I couldn’t even get the list to populate, lol. Maybe once I upgrade (and finally stop using win7…), I’ll start looking out for servers. Still got to grind my way through the rest of AoC yet. But the reminder of Lemurian Architect is much appreciated :slight_smile:
Anyway - I’d better stop replying to you quite so much - the forum’s started sending me those ‘you’re replying too much’ messages :wink:

Hopefully someone can offer you some more useful suggestions :slight_smile:

LOL! I had no idea there was such a message. How dare people have a conversation!? X’D

Take care, Dan. Always a pleasure chatting.

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