Offhand stuck in the upright and locked position

Not sure if this is a bug, but I noticed if you are using a one handed weapon, after you kick, your offhand moves to an upright position as if you were holding a lasso. The offhand is empty but remains held upright even when running. It looks kind of funny. It does go away when you reequip your weapon but thought I would mention this odd animation as it doesn’t seem to be intentional. Anyone else notice this.


Thank you for your report. Would you be able to share a video or image of this issue?

We await your reply.

Here is the normal hand position fighting one handed. Looks good!

After kicking with a one handed weapon the off hand placement is now stuck upright even when attacking. Looks kind of awkward.

Thank you for the pictures and additional information. We sent it over to our team for investigation.

Have a great weekend! :discopug:

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