Offical PvP 3744 - Looking for more to help eradicate server scourge

The Amazons and several clans have decided to form an alliance on Official PvP server 3744. Since our late start on the server, we have been plagued by a group that continues to change their clan name. At one time named the Blue Screeners, Poku No Biku, and Hentai Haven. We are a 9-man clan that has just produced a few level 60s with more on the way. Every step of the way, tho, we have been hindered by this clan of ■■■■■■■■ for absolutely no reason.
We have started taking the fight to them and destroying their bases as well. What we are looking for is anyone else who wants to start on this server and help eradicate the players ruining our server. Anyone interested in being the freedom fighters and cleaning up a server, holler at anyone of the Amazons clan on PS4 Official PvP server 3744.

Psn: Maxoverlord add me I’ll come help

Joined up on the server as well. My Psn: Blade_Braver83 and character name is Vox. Will do some grinding for lvling so if you want I can help out. Have nothing else to do on any other server since I haven’t found a place to settle yet.

Great! I work night shift Thursday thru Saturday nights so I’ll add ya’ll in the morning when I get off work. Official PvP 3744 Is actually a really cool server. Our clan had the fortune of having 9/10 clan members early on, so we caught the attention of some griefers. However, since we have started taking the fight back to the attackers, our cause has gained some momentum. There are several solo players and small clans that have started raiding with us to combat the server scourge. My PSN is WhiteMuhamad but we have other regular players as well. Any time you see a member of The Amazons, just tell them who ya are and ask for help. Even getting hit by asshats every day, we still manage to help others. Come join the revelry hehehe