Offical-S Avatars on PvE/PvC disable and keep on PvP only

Pretty much avatars have no purpose on a PvE/PvC server unlike the fact they would have a purpose on PvP servers also I only speak of Official servers. This will cause a huge amount of lag because of massive summonings and thralls already congest the servers as is with out the feeding system in place anymore and with out the feeding system I believe capping thralls at 50 is fair. Possibly 30 seems doable for a purge. Honestly I am more concerned with the over sight with every thing being implemented and removal from the game.

Example food system to feed thralls was fine only complaint was people didn’t want to feed the pets because of lazy behaviour, personally I have to much food that its it’s going to waste. Now thralls take 15 days to die, no limit to how many a single person can have. So Funcom you remove this, mistake number 1, instead of a removal you could have adjusted this to become a server setting option, and make some offical servers have the feed system still active this would be the obvious most picked servers. This also would have prevented a lot of bugs, and just over sight.

Now I can’t have pets hold food because it turned in to a 1 hour attack buff while this is great no defensive buff was give, no precautions to prevent thrall from just taking all food and only giving 1 hour buffing instead of stacking or consuming 1 food every hour.

All I ask is think before acting and I believe that a lot of problems such as bugs and glitches and all other aspects can be avoided, server setting option should be the route you take more when removing anything to keep it as a option. That and you do much better programming with server settings than you do other aspects, it’s a suggestion and I hope to see great additions in the future.

Why would you need to disable avatars on PvE servers? I’m the most active player on the Official I play on, and in over a year’s time have never seen even a single one get summoned. It’s not a problem, but if people still want to be able to complete that journey step, then they should be able to.


Yes but I can easily see this become seriously annoying but more so anyone who stuck piled so much on the altars will so this relentlessly and while the journey steps are great for exp anyone not new or restarting their characters won’t benefit from the exp gained or if the exp is worth it at all really for the level of effort.

I would be fine with this if there was a limit to how many people can summon avatars at 1 time vs having 100 avatars roaming all at once. I have a server with a huge congestion of thralls and no food system to get rid of quick loggers to cause their pets to go away. Just from logging in real fast to place hold there land claim and reset thralls decay times.

I could careless if the food system was re-added because the added lag and rendering wouldn’t be a issue I don’t want to NOT render a avatar and get stomped on and wonder why I just died only to find out Ymir wrecked me… even if he can manage to move in my server of the many great walls of conan. So technically movement will be vastly limited as well… I don’t know.

I am also conflicted as Derketo is…:drooling_face: I wouldn’t mind death by her… but still.

Take a deep breath, your posts are all over the place! :smile:

Summoning avatars is not a problem on PvE servers, there’s nothing to worry about, and nothing to fix. Don’t worry, it’s all fine, but thanks for your concern! :slight_smile:

Not all over the place just bad at expression and speaking and explaining my thoughts. Results of not socializing in person with people from early childhood.

Would have helped had I liked people more back then. I always did prefer video game people lol fantasy all the way till I got dragged back to reality. My final fantasy was a fantasy after all lol!!

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Hehe, I can totally relate. :slight_smile:

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Isn’t there a server setting that allows to disable avatars?

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Yes but I speak of official servers not private, and the fact they seem to be making this change to all servers. I just want no avatars and the pets and thralls declassified as buildings so I can reduce the numbers of them for people who just log in and out to keep their stuff from decaying why in the world funcom increased the decay time is beyond me as it was 336hours for nearly the smallest building.

What would you classify them as?

Anything else except buildings to not prevent them from being damaged during PvP times as PvPC doesn’t have building damage and thralls arena drain on the server past the purge and a lot of players have them and never log on so I want to do some proper cleaning.

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We like to gather bosses together, summon an avatar, and crush them.

You get your fun times where you can.

This I can agree with. But the amount of thralls and lag and constant summons could be a issue but that does sound fun.

Best we did was a King Scorpion, King Rhino, and the Red Dragon at the NE corner of the city. It took about four of us to get them in the same area.

It took all of 3 seconds to kill the rhino and dragon, and another 5 seconds to track down the scorpion.

I am confused by your statement. You are concerned regarding the removal of things from the game AND you want avatars removed from the PvE officials? Is this what you are saying?

I used a god to destroy a boss once just for the experience. I think it would be bad to make this decision for a player on PvE officials. They should have the option to use the gods if they want to put forth an effort.

Are you referencing the summer vacation decay time extension?

I am more so referring to this before the summer decay time to extension

I have many other examples this TINY structure is all over in the server I have been playing on this right here is why I believe the bed decay system I have posted about needs to be done, too much massive land claim.

Then add in the mass thralls with a 15 day decay timer l, log in once and just walk near them and when they last another 15 days are a few more thralls. By then time that happens one person can easily mass 30+ and then rendering this crap

this isn’t even 25% of it. Add thralls then add the avatars roaming around in a already tight area that they can’t destroy. I think you could see the issue here even my friend on a PC is having issues rendering they even updated there PC just to play this as they love all survival games.

Honestly at a point half of these settings and things that have been removed like the food system for thralls should have been adjusted to become an optional server setting and servers with this setting up. Then maybe the avatar stuff wouldn’t be so bad heck just remove the building classification from then the thralls being able to fight them in PvP is fun. Being able to kill re-loggers thralls is reason for them to play.

I don’t know anymore I get a headache just trying to understand how the funcom team makes there decisions and then go forward because I haven’t played long but even I can see the cause and effect of removing stuff from the game.

Such as now my thralls can’t hold food they use it for a 1 hour boost that doesn’t stack duration or only consume every hour when no buff is active.

I don’t even recall what the whole idea about the bed was I had it written down but when I think on it. It won’t ever even be enacted it. I’ll try to clear up my wording and thoughts if I see an issue with my poor explanation.

One more thing that massive castle like thing while actually pretty great looking it’s only being used by 1 person whom doesn’t log in except to keep it up from decay status and blocking easy paths to high traffic areas. While Maps are great they don’t always fix the issue.

Also the small light castle should only have 24 hours max why in the world its 133 Hours! Is beyond me. Roughly 5 days land is claimed by a small structure not only taking land it its annoying to see over 10 of these all over so no one builds anywhere near him 24h is fair I believe if you don’t log on you don’t need the damn light as you aren’t playing :unamused:. Ima think on my bed idea and go even deeper and then post once more I have all the small issues out.

Because players take vacation and want their game to be there when they return.

II understand you do not want players to have multiple structures or large structures; however, having the option to do this is part of the game. Limiting building or pet/thrall use will not be a forward move for the game. Players want options and when one comes to a sandbox, they want the freedom of a sandbox game.

Many times lag and performance issues can be resolved by lowering the standard settings of the device the game is played in. Some devices are more forgiving than others. If the game was set toward the lowest of systems, it seems there would be nothing to play beyond the character creation window.

There is a player I can tell you this guy called “YOG” HES NOT PLAYING, dude logs in once a month around the same time every time his massive amounts of bases, I’m not against having a couple I’m against having like I don’t know over 10 with YOG various sizes some massive some small. The point is being able to log in shouldn’t just reset the damn timer, they should at least have to stick around for an hour or three.

PS_Messages_20190703_130813 this right here isn’t even a fraction of the massive amount of land including I guess you can call them fire towers? light towers? Whatever the case the point being is there needs to be more structure to the size of the base determines the decay status of the base, I believe that with a bed system 1 bed means you will have a base at the maximum duration based off the size including the bed in this equation to balance this out any base with out a bed or bed roll should be limited to 24h minimum I log in daily I actually use the bases I have heck I had a pet station decay and vanish with 4 wolf’s now it’s my fault for not making it last longer but if this had been implemented my pet station would be there at 24h maximum because of the size of the structure.

There is a issue and the claiming of lands is understandable but just because it says to dominate doesn’t mean be the only person on the server who can build lol. I only need what I can use not just what I can place anywhere on a PvEC or PvE with no real way to solve a problem.

Recently I found a way to walk off Hanumans cave pretty much preventing anyone from having a Yeti, or Gorilla now someone was actually kind enough to block that from happening by stationing a pet there and a house also did kind of help not sure if it had a radius big enough to prevent blocking.

But that’s my whole logic it’s no fun to play alone and this prevents others from enjoying the game if they can’t build on a official server as most would pick this option over a private one due to the fact it could vanish if they don’t renew payment.

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