Offical sever 2880 pve conflict

. On sever 2880 pve conflict our bulding lost stability and we lost everything, I was on two day ago so Ik it was not decay… Im gutted I do what to do

So now after making this post ive been suspened but not give a clear answer on why, our clan Kyrandyr never blocked off any area that wasnt around our area and never horded and resorce in the area so I dont understand the ban or the building deletion.
I also find it frustrating to love a game so much and following the rules only for it all to be gone in a day for no clear reason,… Help me understand please

A total of 4 clans (that I am aware of at the time of this writing)all had ALL of their buildings deleted Only thing that survived was any placeables placed directly on the ground. All other building pieces all over the map were lost. In my clan’s case(Meereen Slavers) we Lost a total of 3 large bases/outposts. Event log just says all building pieces lost stability, all at once.

clans affected:

Meereen Slavers

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Please follow the stated in the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket:

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