Official 1502 is broken

If you die, you generally dont respawn after the countdown and when u do it usually takes >5 minutes to respawn.

The server has had massive disconnects for all the last week.

Often when you DC or log out (from things like bugged inventory) you cant log back in for unknown reasons.

The server is generally unplayable and has been for a week due to massive lag spikes, DC’s, and server crashes

1502 has been buggy for a while, it’s part of the reason I finally threw my hands up and rented my own. Shame because it used to be a great place, but even in its heyday it was always more unstable than its other 150x brethren. :pensive:

It has gotten so much worse since you all left, figured with all the bases and thralls gone it should get better but sadly no

Hey there,

We’ve poked G-Portal about it to see if they can determine the cause for this.


Yikes, that’s what I would have thought too. Hopefully G-Portal and Funcom can figure out the root cause, I think there was a similar complaint about 1501 not long ago too, makes me wonder if the virtual machines they are running on have a common hardware issue or something. :frowning:

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Thanks Ignasis! Hopefully it will improve a bit :slight_smile:

We were informed that other servers in the cluster with 1501 were affected by the same hardware malfunction. I don’t know if 1502 is in 1501’s cluster though.

Well, they’re on the same IP address, so at the very least they’re passing thru the same NAT, if not on the same host…

1502: (Game Port)
1501: (Game Port)

Guys - it’s the same in several other servers for weeks now and guess what…
You are lucky to get a reply that they gonna “poke” G-Portal and that is it…

Most probably it’s just a clipping for “those annoying users who still play in officials”, as there is no effect at all. :frowning:

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