Official and rented servers

I know this sounds like a REALLY obvious question, but I just got Xbox live 2 days ago and could use some input. Could someone please educate me on the different kinds of PvE servers? I see official, rented, fast and normal, and I’m kind of lost. I’m guessing that official means run by Funcom?

So far, I’ve been playing single player for a little over a month.

If someone could just explain to me the different kind of PvE(I’m not really a PvP person) servers I would be grateful.

Official are servers hosted by Funcom
Fast means it has a boost to any or all of the following; Gathering, XP, Regen, etc etc
Rented are exactly that, servers a player has rented and has made it public or private with their own rule-set.
Normal is well…normal. Everything is at the normal CE pace, no boosts like Fast.

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There is also the “issue” (if any) that Console and PC versions are run on separate servers and afaik, they won’t be intermixed.

@Vohlok That’s not an issue. That’s a positive. PC players would win every PvP battle against a console player. The consoles inability to quickly heal & swap weapons would be a large disadvantage.

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Ahhh got it. Thanks everyone!