Official and rented servers


I know this sounds like a REALLY obvious question, but I just got Xbox live 2 days ago and could use some input. Could someone please educate me on the different kinds of PvE servers? I see official, rented, fast and normal, and I’m kind of lost. I’m guessing that official means run by Funcom?

So far, I’ve been playing single player for a little over a month.

If someone could just explain to me the different kind of PvE(I’m not really a PvP person) servers I would be grateful.


Official are servers hosted by Funcom
Fast means it has a boost to any or all of the following; Gathering, XP, Regen, etc etc
Rented are exactly that, servers a player has rented and has made it public or private with their own rule-set.
Normal is well…normal. Everything is at the normal CE pace, no boosts like Fast.


There is also the “issue” (if any) that Console and PC versions are run on separate servers and afaik, they won’t be intermixed.


@Vohlok That’s not an issue. That’s a positive. PC players would win every PvP battle against a console player. The consoles inability to quickly heal & swap weapons would be a large disadvantage.


Ahhh got it. Thanks everyone!