Official Combat testlive EU2 PvE Conflict decay bug?

I lost all my crafting stations inside the base.
Also lost wheel of pain.
Also lost 2 wooden doors
All base parts are (were) connected.
I still have 1 door and 2 Braziers
Event log only tells that only carpenters bench decay ( inside base )
Nomore about decay in event log after that.
decay bug ?

Hi @Qrizz, could you share more information or a few screenshots of the base’s setup?

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Inside secend floor

Inside first floor

Log only shows one crafting station

Thank you! Could you also clarify if you have been refreshing the structures during this time and if there are any further relevant messages in your Event Log?


Yes i have been log in to refresh the decay timers and no there aren’t any other messages about decay in event log.

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