Official EU PVE-C 1036 - Legendary Repair Kits - don't work on Legendary items

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Legendary Repair Kits - don’t work on legendary items

Installed Mods:

Official EU PVP-C - no mods

Steps to Reproduce:

Crafted Legendary repair kits ( weapon and armour ) , attempted to repair not modified " The Watchblade " legendary HD 61 AP 22% Durability 513.0 left - when dragging Legendary kits on to weapon get system message: " This item cannot be repaired " & " This item cannot be moved " - its happen when attempting repair it on hot bar and from inventory - the Legendary repair kits work on high grade items - successfully repaired Hight grade Hardened Steel Hatched.

Clarifying question. What is the current durability on the items on which you are attempting to use the kits?

As above Durability 513.0 left from 7,200.00 others players sad they we’re able to fix different Legendary items (tools) using Legendary weapon kits. So don’t know if its bugged for me or this specific weapon (" The Watchblade ") is bugged …

Wasn’t that the weapon which has in its description that it cannot be repaired I.e single use. I don’t believe this is a bug but by design. If you want to repair that one, you can cheese the system by giving it to a thrall that wears armor piece with repair effect e.g nemedian helmet.

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I so rarely use legendary items, I did not even realize this.

Good find and great information.

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