Official LATAM PS4 Servers semms online but cant connect

Just to keep you informed that we completed 8 days with the server off. I wonder if someone is looking into the matter.

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Hi Hugo,

Any feedback on this subject? More than a week the servers off. Are we going to lose everything we build?

Apologies for the delay into this matter’s resolution, our team is still looking into it.

In the meantime and in order to provide us with further data to work with, could you please share both your Country and the ISP you’re using?

Hi Hugo,

Thanks for the feedback, I hope everything is resolved. My country is Brazil.

@wschultz By ISP I meant the Internet Service Provider, apologies for not being clear!

Sorry I didn’t pay attention to your question. My ISP is Vivo Fibra.

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Hi @Hugo thank you for the feedback.

My country is Brazil, My ISP is Vivo fibra

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Hi Hugo ISP is Claro Net and country is Brazil.
Please man help us. More than a week without The server.

Now server 4502 LATAM has the same problem, in our clan are people from Chile, Colombia, brazil, spain and usa, they can’t log in, we have several ISP involve.


The same problem here, 4520 LATAM impossible join. Please help us. Brazil, my ISP "telefonica brasil ".

Game mode: On line
Problem: [Crash
Region: LATAM 4520

[Free text]

ONE WEEK and we could not log in, please help!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Could not conect to server. Your conection to the organizer has been lost

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [LATAM]

Server 4502 latam did not restart more than two weeks ago, this is causing a great delay, both to the point that it is not possible to play anymore, the structures do not load for hours, the server goes down all the time and cannot be entered. we would appreciate being able to play again

Steps on how to reproduce issue: conan
2.load estructures
4.finaly play

Hello @Ragnarloko, thank you for getting in touch!

We’ve looked into the server and it has been showing activity, in any case we’ll be issuing a manual restart as soon as possible.


good afternoon, the server is still offline

Hey @Ragnarloko, our team is looking into it, could you please share both your Country and the ISP you’re using?

Hi Hugo,

The servers are still off. I’m worried about it, I hope I don’t lose everything I got in the game, my legendary weapons, my Level 4 NPCs, my builds, my pets…

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Argentina and arnet conection

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Im From Chile, telefónica movistar

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Hi Hugo
I’m from Mexico.
ISP: Telmex - Infinitum

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