Official PC server #1879 not letting anyone login for the past hour

It’s also been incredibly laggy the past few days, with lots of teleporting around and rubber banding for most everyone on there.

We’ve also been seeing excessive amounts of corpse map location issues. One time the marker literally started moving as we opened it, as if someone was dragging it around with a mouse, until it settled on being in the far wintery north from the lower highlands. lmao

Yeah i have been trying to connect as well and it stays at the loading screen for a long time then says unable to connect to the server. i tried connecting to a different server to test the connection and that worked, so idk whats happening with 1879

1879 is back after the daily reset. this server is RIDDLED with issues tho. Please take a good hard look at it.
Even with me as the ONLY player on it, the NPC’s are teleporting around, lagging their ■■■’s off.

servers startin to get really really bad again

The servers starting to lag horribly again. lots of teleporting around happening

1879 is currently down, yet again.

Looks like its not gonna let anyone login, once again, until the auto reset.

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